Monday, March 16, 2009

Tempat duduk OKU di dalam bas Rapid Penang

Well, i guess most of us know how was the condition inside Rapid bus...What do you all it the seat is very comfortable or not?
Maybe for us, a normal is ok but we don't know how is the persons with disability feel. Like before, Miss Tan Chin Chin has shared her experience when she depart into a bus. She has to take a time to reached the seat which are provided for disable. For her condition, she will normally take a time to walk and i think it is not convinience to her especially if the bus is already moved even though she haven't get her seat yet. This is because the seat is provided next to back door.
What do you all think about this? Should the seat change to the front near to the front door or let it just remain there...?
I think that person who are responsible to fixed the location of the seat for disabled people should think more on how to make the facilities provided inside the bus become an easy access especially the disabled people. They not just put the sign there but also think how to make it really useful and comfortable to persons with disability.

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