Thursday, February 12, 2009

Findings on access for persons with disabilities at Pacific Komtar

Hi everyone…we meet again. Here I would like to share with you our new findings on the access for persons with disabilities. Our target place for this time is Komtar building.

Here it is the place we go to do our survey

On 1st February 2009, we do our survey at Komtar and try to find out either there are access for persons with disabilities. Luckily we met with the security which are working at “Pacific” shopping complex at Komtar. We introduce ourselves and told him the purpose we are taking pictures at that building and Thanks God, he willing to help us. He explain to us the access that are provided to persons with disabilities in that building. In addition, he also recommended us to see the manager so that we can get more information about it.

This is the ramp at the entrance of “Pacific”

This is the ramp usually used by the persons with disabilities especially for individual that are using a wheel chair. Take a look at this picture. Do you think that it is applicable for them? Isn’t it is difficult to use this ramp. Or is this really a ramp for persons with disabilities or it is just for unload thing? If this is really a path for disabilities, why is it doesn’t has a handrails on both sides. This is very dangerous for them.

There are 3 lift were provided at “Pacific” shopping complex

Next, we go and see the lift that are provided here. Here, lift are the only facilities provided for disabilities to move from one level to another. Can you see what is the problem there? The flowers is located near to the call button and it bring difficult for those who are using wheel chair. Supposedly, there should be no obstruction below or next to the lift call button.

Space inside the lift

The number of a button inside the lift

Ok, next let us see how is inside the lift. I think the space is enough if the person using wheel chair come in to the lift. The problem is with the button for the number. I think it is quite high to reach the button for number 5 if sitting on wheelchair. Other than that, the number should be embossed or use Braille number so that it is easy for the blind.

Toilet for persons with disabilities

Furthermore, we check how is the toilet. For your information, there are a toilet provided for persons with disabilities at every level of this complex. The toilet is located between the ladies and gent toilet. Here is the picture of the toilet that are provided there.

View inside the toilet
That’s all for now. I hope can hear any comment , opinion or suggestion from you all about the facilities provided for persons with disabilities at this shopping complex. Thank you for spend some time reading our blog. Until we meet again for the next findings. See you…