Monday, February 16, 2009

Buses for the disabled

Congratulation to Rapid Penang company for their aim to increase the number of Rapid Penang buses for Jun (added 200 buses). It's not the number i'm impressed of but their intention in social welfare by providing the new buses with the facilities for persons with disabilities. The new buses will be disabled-friendly.

How will it disabled-friendly?

The new buses will be fitted with a ramp each to enable wheelchair-bound passengers to board the bus. In addition, the Rapid Penang had also installed the Global Positioning System (GPS) on all its buses to monitor their (OKU) movements.

So, let us wait until Jun and see how is the accessibility provided. Is it match with the persons with disability need or it just only the implementation.

Let us wait until its time...jeng..jeng..jeng.