Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carpark at Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex building

hehehe...i took this picture at BJ sopping complex carpark. This picture has been taken at carpark at ground floor. Why i'm taking this picture.? Actually we find the carpark for disability but cannot found it. I'm interested with this area because it is near to the entrance to this building. For your information, this carpark is not for persons with disability.

So, where are the persons with disability want to park their car? What i mean is for those who have their own car? For me, why not they (the management of this building) put a sticker there and use this area for the disable? I guess this location is strategic for them. It is not only located in front of the entrance to the building but it is also at a ground floor. They don't need to go to a very high level parking area just to find a place to park their car. What do you think? Agree with me...?


  1. wuhuhu..
    been there b4..
    yup..cannot find parking spaces for the disabilities...
    agree with you guys 100%..
    wondering when they will build parking spaces for them huh ?? huhu..=p

  2. maybe they think all the OKU don't drive a car or use motorcycle...