Friday, February 27, 2009

The New Episod at Prangin Mall...

Welcome back!..This is a new episod at Prangin Mall. Let's check...
This is a pictures of the parking space and the handicap ramp for persons with disabilities at Prangin Mall's sub-basement. As we saw there are only two parking space for persons with disabilities and the space of the parking is big. But, is it enough if only provides two parking space? hmm...I think that is quite enough because there are only a few persons with disabilities go to the mall and maybe they go with their family and of course they don't use that parking space...(..that is our opinion). That area is only for persons with disabilities because the sign showed "strictly for disabled only". Hopefully the society not use the facilities like parking space that provides for them. The handicap ramp for disable also provided. It is suitable but the lenght between parking space to the handicap ramp are look far. Why not the building administrator build that ramp near the parking space? Because, as we see they need to walk along through the parking space before they enter to the mall. So, that path must be build near parking space to make them easy to enter to the mall.
That all for this part. See you all again in the next finding... wait aa...~peace~

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