Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facilities provided inside Bukit Jambul (BJ) shopping complex

Hai i want to show you the facilities provided inside the BJ Shopping Complex. Here i just focus on lift because from what we have observed, lift is the one and only facilities that can be use to go to every level (for persons with disabilities). Escalator is also provided but as you all know, persons with disabilities are not allowed to us it for their own safety.

Ok, this lift is located near to car park. It is good to have a lift near to car park because you don't need to walk very far just to find the lift. Like for example, if someone using wheelchair join their family to do shopping, their fanily members only push the wheel chair in a short distance. For persons who are using stick...i guess it was tiring if there walk to far just to find the lift.
But what makes it not accessible here is because the call button is obstructed with the dustbin. To make it accessible for all, there should be no abstruction below the lift call button.

What else the problem here? The call button is not provided with audible indicator that can indicate its directions of the travel.

Once the door open, i enter into the lift and i'm really surprised to see the call button; it is very high located at the right site inside the lift. In addition, the call button is also not provided with braille number or letter.

The lift is also not provided with grab bar. Look at the picture below.

This is the second lift we found inside BJ shopping complex. It is quite hard to find if you are not familiar with this building. But i guess this is much better than the first lift just now.

This lift was provided with braille number and letter, even the call button outside the lift is also provided with the direction indicator. The call button inside the lift is also not too high located.

And also, this lift is provided with crossed bar / grab bar. (picture below)

While this is the third lift we found there. This lift is located in front of KAMDAR supermarket. It is looked like funtionable but it is not. We push the call button because we want to know how was the view inside this lift but we waiting for so long and it doesn't open. But i guess it is also provided with braille letter and number from what we can see from the call button outside the life.

Here it is, the call button is provided not only with braille indicator but also with embossed indicator.
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